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Suzuki cars offer excellent MPG in the real world, tests confirm

Suzuki cars offer excellent MPG in the real world, tests confirm

Drivers of Suzuki motor cars from Swindon dealership Pebley Beach could be saving themselves pounds at the pumps, after journalists squeezed more miles per gallon out of two models than the advertised MPG.

The magazine Fleet World recently entered a Suzuki Swift into their annual MPG Marathon to monitor how the car would fare over a pre-determined route versus its officially quoted fuel consumption figure.

The editorial team chose a 1.2-litre petrol SZ5 AllGrip 4x4 model, which has an official combined figure of 62.8mpg.

Despite being the heaviest model in the Swift range – although still comparatively light at 980kg – the driving team managed to make a 29 percent improvement on the combined figure at 81.05mpg 

That equates to 18.25 more miles on a single gallon.

Journalist Richard Morcom said: “I was impressed by our Suzuki – 81mpg is not bad for a four wheel drive car and that’s in the hands of an ordinary driver with a time limited route, which shows that manufacturers figures can be improved upon. 

"We didn’t do anything clever to achieve that figure either. Our performance was down to following the satellite navigation and being very gentle when accelerating and braking.”

Meanwhile, car buying guide Parkers took an Ignis SZ-T from Land’s End to John O’Groats, achieving an average of 80.42mpg over a total of 885.3 miles including some minor traffic re-routings on the way. 

The Ignis consumed just 50.63 litres – 11.12 gallons – of fuel. The 80.42mpg achieved was versus an official combined figure of 61.3mpg, representing an additional 19.1 miles driven per gallon.

The total fuel cost for the 21-hour journey taken by journalist Stephen Lawman was just £60.88.

Dominic Threlfall, managing director of Pebley Beach, said: "The Suzuki Swift and Ignis represent great value for money motoring, but it turns out they might be even better value for money than we've been telling customers.

"The results of these real-world tests are great news for anyone currently driving, or thinking of buying, one of these models from us."