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Award-winning service team gets even better as Laura gains Master status

Award-winning service team gets even better as Laura gains Master status

The award-winning aftersales team at Swindon motor dealer Pebley Beach just got even better, with a member of the team gaining the coveted title of Master Service Advisor.

Laura Lockyer’s ability to quickly and accurately identify potential issues with customers’ cars saw her gain the qualification, following examinations at Hyundai’s training centres in Nottingham and High Wycombe.

“The final test included a role playing scenario, in which a customer - played by an actor - queried an illuminated warning light on the dashboard,” she said. 

“I was expected to identify the light as a DPF warning, meaning the diesel particulate filter might be blocked, and to book the customer’s car in for appropriate servicing.”

Laura, who previously worked for Pebley Beach’s Hyundai dealership in Eldene, Swindon, returned to the company in 2015 after a career break to raise a family. She rejoined as a receptionist, but was quickly promoted to the service desk. 

Her next step will be to qualify as an Advanced Master, the highest attainable qualification in the field, and a badge of honour worn by her colleague Lloyd Pickup.

Managing director Dominic Threlfall said he was delighted that Laura had qualified for the title.

“Buying a car is just the beginning of the customer’s relationship with Pebley Beach,” he said. 

“The experience customers have when they bring their car back for a service or MoT is vital to growing our reputation, and is one of the reasons customers come back to us for their next car time after time.

“We are constantly striving for the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and at Pebley Beach a great customer experience is guaranteed.”