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Pebley has a brilliant champion

Pebley has a brilliant champion

Pebley Beach sales executive Sean Quirk has been crowned a Brilliant Champion in the Hyundai Global Sales Executive competition - an accolade only 30 competitors took home out of 386 who attended.

Sean travelled to Korea to go head to head against the top two sales consultants from each country that Hyundai sells in.

Whilst there he was tested on his brand knowledge, including the most obscure country-specific facts and intricate facts about Hyundai factories and plants across the world.

Sean's sales technique was then tested to ensure that he understood and delivered the right approach, as well as his knowledge of Hyundaiy.

Sean said: ""I was at an advantage compared to the others there thanks to the focus on training and continual improvement at Pebley Beach. We help each other out and suggest ways that we all can improve.

""The overall sales process is similar across the world - there may be some cultural differences or quirks, but on the whole how successful you are really depends on the sort of person you are.

For more information on Pebley Beach, visit www.pebley.co.uk.""The competition was a great experience and seeing behind the scenes in the factory and steel mill was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I didn't expect to bring home a medal but now it takes pride of place in the Pebley showroom.""