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A new Swindon innovation to be rolled out across the UK

A new Swindon innovation to be rolled out across the UK

A new innovation for motor dealers developed in Swindon is about to be rolled out across the UK.

And the Hyundai 360 workshop automation platform, developed by Swindon motor dealer Pebley Beach and Hyundai UK, is attracting international interest too.

The system aims to improve the customer experience using modern technology. The process starts with the online booking online system, which takes under 10 seconds to complete. Customers can select the work they want done, and chose a time that is convenient to them.

On arrival, number plate recognition automatically welcomes the customer and points them towards their allocated parking space, while informing staff that the customer has arrived.

Once the car is with the technicians, they can use tablet computers to let the customer know what work needs doing to the car via their smartphone. Pictures, and even video, can be included. The system checks prices and stock availability, and the customer can choose to accept or decline a quote.

Once the work is underway, the customer is kept up-to-date with progress via their smartphone, or one of the display screens in the showroom. And once the work is done, the service staff can take the customer through a quick interview, with questions designed to enhance the overall customer experience. 

The system even records parts that technicians feel need keeping an eye on, but require no immediate action – like tyre tread or worn brakes. A text message or email can be sent to the customer at a later date to remind them to come into the workshop again. 

Hyundai dealers from across the UK, including some of the largest dealer groups, have been visiting Pebley Beach to see the system in action, while top executives from Hyundai’s global headquarters in Seoul have also paid a visit.

Pebley Beach managing director Dominic Threlfall said: “Hyundai 360 takes a number of existing procedures and brings them into one system. The efficiency gains are massive, which is good news for both the business and the customer, whose car will be repaired, serviced or MoT’d more quickly and cost-effectively. 

“In short, it allows us to deliver a unique and memorable customer experience.

“But automation does not mean we will be losing the personal touch. At every stage, our customers are able to talk to our award-winning customer service staff.”

Although 360 is Hyundai project, it works for any make and model of car. Just over half of all the cars that pass through the Paddington Drive workshop are models other than Hyundai.