New Suzuki Splash from Pebley Beach

The New Suzuki Splash

Like the Splash – the compact car that’s surprisingly big on space. It’s also surprisingly big on detail, with loads of super-practical features. As for big looks? You’ll get plenty of those too.

And just like all Suzuki cars, the Splash has been designed to perform as effortlessly in the city as it does in the country. Its small turning circle makes it one of the most manoeuvrable cars on the market. While parking is made easier thanks to its neat design and short overhangs.

Its high driving position offers superb visibility, so the road ahead is always in full view. While great fuel economy comes as standard, along with low Co2 emissions.

The Splash is agile, safe and, when it comes to practicality, full of smile-inducing surprises. In fact the only surprise you won’t get is feeling like you have to have one. That just happens naturally.


The Splash isn’t just big on space, it’s big on performance too. After all, a car that’s built to carry passengers and luggage in absolute comfort needs an engine that can cope with every load and every road, as economically as possible.

Whether you choose the highly economical 1.0 litre VVT engine or the nippy 1.2 litre petrol engine, you can expect plenty of agile handling and responsiveness. There’s the option of 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission* on the 1.2 litre. Both are designed to be brilliantly economical with up to 60.1mpg† combined fuel economy, meaning a long way between stops at the petrol pumps. And with C02 emissions of just 109g/km on the 1.0 litre version, road tax stays low in Band B. (Just £20 a year if you’re wondering.)

The Splash offers great performance, great handling and great manoeuvrability. And it’s pretty great on the pocket too.

EXTRA, EXTRA yes there really is more.

The compact Splash is big on style, space, practicality and ideas. So here are a couple more you’ll feel you simply have to have.

Like the dashboard’s built-in rev counter. It not only looks gr eat but helps you keep your eye on engine speed and control your fuel economy.

Then there’s the Splash’s keyless entry and start system*. Provided the keyfob is in your bag or pocket, the engine starts with a simple turn of the ignition switch.

Splash Insurance Group CO₂ Emissions (g/km) OTR
1.0 Petrol Manual SZ2 7E 109 £ 9,599
1.0 Petrol Manual SZ3 7E 109 £ 10,319
1.2 Petrol Manual SZ3 11E 118 £ 10,799
1.2 Petrol Manual SZ4 11E 118 £ 11,879
1.2 Petrol Auto SZ4 11E 131 £ 12,774
01793 816800
01285 641800
  • Combined fuel economy up to 60.1 mpg
  • CO2 emmissions from just 109g/km
  • Insurance Group from 7E
  • Petrol engines available