New Hyundai i10 from Pebley Beach

The New Hyundai i10

Before your New Generation i10 got a taste for adventure, it went on a fascinating journey from a designer’s sketchbook to a road near you. Inspired by style and functionality, and engineered with real quality, it’s ready to become whatever you want it to be

Modern art that you understand

The i10’s outfit is a chic steel shell which you can personalise with a choice of zingy colours. Its fluidic sculpture ensures that it’s dressed to impress, and its low, wide and long body gives it the style to carry off every occasion. Add to this daytime running lights, stylish wheel designs and a signature hexagonal grille and you’ve got a streetwise city car that oozes confidence from every angle.

Show your i10 a good time

With a twinkle in its headlights and a boot load of personality, your car is ready to explore. Pick up your friends and go on a spirited drive that’ll test its nimble steering to the max. With great agility and tuned suspension you can expect pure refinement on the road. Zip down busy streets, light up the city and enjoy the ride.

Big features, bigger possibilities

With the agility of a small car and the features of a bigger one, the i10 comes with all the answers. Enjoy a breezy drive in the S Air thanks to air conditioning. On the Premium model turn up the volume with steering wheel audio and phone controls, and stay in touch with Bluetooth®connectivity with voice recognition. After each action-packed day, you might also welcome the assistance of cruise control on the SE and Premium manual models. Top it all off with the optional Winter Pack on Premium and make the most of a heated leather steering wheel and heated front seats to keep you nice and toasty in spite of the British weather.

Trim Engine CO2 Emissions g/km Insurance Group
Retail Price Recommended on the Road Price
S 1.0 66PS Petrol Manual 108 2 £8,761.00 £9,540.00


SE 1.0 66PS Petrol Manual 108 2 £10,011.00 £10,790.00


  1.2 87PS Petrol Manual 114 6 £10,491.00 £11,290.00
  1.2 87PS Petrol Automatic 139 6 £11,101.00 £11,940.00
SE Blue 1.0 66PS Petrol Blue Manual 93 2 £10,411.00 £11,170.00
Premium 1.0 66PS Petrol Manual 108 2 £10,711.00 £11,490.00
  1.2 87PS Petrol Manual 114 7 £11,191.00 £11,990.00
  1.2 87PS Petrol Automatic 139 7 £11,801.00 £12,640.00
Premium SE 1.2 87PS Petrol Manual 114 7 £12,311.00 £13,110.00
  1.2 87PS Petrol Automatic 139 7 £12,921.00 £13,760.00
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  • Combined fuel economy up to 60.1 mpg
  • CO2 emmissions from just 108g/km
  • Insurance Group from 1
  • Petrol engines available